How To Work With Us

If you are looking at this page, we are probably doing something right that led you here. Maybe you found our profile on Yelp or you’re looking for a San Diego WordPress developer and see just how much we’re involved in the local WordPress community. Regardless of how you found us, the most important thing is what you think of us after we work together.

Our philosophy on a healthy client relationship is simple.  It starts with defining clear goals, along with expectations for how those will be accomplished.  As they say, failing to plan means you are planning to fail.  We’d like to avoid that.  The documentation needed to define these items is called an RFP (request for proposal).  If you already have one, you can submit it below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  If you don’t, you’re going to need one regardless of the size of your project.

If you want to create your own basic RFP, simply following the steps below will help the process along tremendously.  If you know you’re going to need help, we’re happy to assist with this process before we get to the fun stuff.

1 -Define what is going to provide a return on your investment

We love building new things and pushing the limits of the web but our primary goal is to provide a return on investment.  You should be able to define what makes your site a success in just a few paragraphs.  Everything else that you thought you wanted is now called Phase II.

2 -Chart your course with a sitemap

Regardless of whether you are building a site from scratch or looking to improve an existing design, the first place to start is with a sitemap.  Think of a sitemap as the spine of your project.  Simply list out every page on your site and organize those pages in a logical hierarchy.  Now how easy was that?

3 -Is your content ready?

Content creation can be the most difficult part of a project but also one of the most important elements for its success. Even if you’re looking for a design refresh, you should take stock of what your site says and make improvements where you can. Following your sitemap, take inventory of the pages you need to create and start writing now.

If you do not feel you’re up to the task, we have wordsmiths on staff that can help. Simply write an overview message of what each page needs to convey and our team will take care of the rest.

While this phase does not need to be completed before we get involved, it’s always a good idea to get a head start on your content.

4 -Do you need custom development?

Most projects require custom development to some extent, and this is our specialty. However, what you might think requires custom development is actually something that we would consider common. Clearly defining what you need to happen and charting out the flow of your site not only can assist in delivering a more accurate bid, it can also reduce your overall project cost.

Review every page on your sitemap and define what should happen. Think in terms of what you want your user to experience as well as actions you need to happen for that visit to be productive.

5 -Your brand matters and so should your design

The internet is not an isolated experience.  Visitors are going to measure what you say equally with how you say it and that right there is the art of great web design.  Start off by finding several sites that inspire you and tell us why.  If you’re just starting off and looking to define your brand, create a simple outline of who you are and what you would say if you had 15 seconds with a potential client.  Either way, we have you covered.

6 -Now you’re ready to drop us a line

Now that you have put your plan in place, it’s time to call in the pros. If you have already done your homework, package everything up and send it on over. If you want to work with us on this process, we’re happy to talk to you right now.

One of our consultants will follow-up shortly and start the process of working up a bid for your review.

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