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The story of BinaryM

Our focus is on bespoke solutions delivered to our clients within our proven process. We have a recipe for success and we stick to it, that may rub some the wrong way and that’s ok, we’re not a match for everyone.

Since 2005, we have evolved from a small development house in San Diego to an all-encompassing team working with funded startups and established businesses. Our experience allows us to rapidly prototype ideas into fully functional solutions.

We are now a bicoastal distributed agency. This allows us to grow our team by talent rather than proximity of commute. We’re most comfortable working from our home offices and we like not needing to invoice for a corner with a view.

Our clients think of us as partners, and we the same.

We don’t believe in titles and we dislike buzzwords. Performance, and how well you work under pressure, is what matters most.

We feel that investing in technology is never a bad idea. We strive to always design with a purpose and a human in mind. We believe in programming with logic and launching a solution is just the start. We know the best way to be heard is to project your voice.

We love what we do.

A Diverse & Talented Team

Working with Amazing Brands

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