BinaryM Loves WordPress

Really, we do! WordPress gives us the ability to rapidly deploy complex builds on a framework that works for our customers and our team equally. Without limitations on design or development, we’re able to architect solutions for our clients and not concern ourselves with asking if it’s possible, because anything is.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system that powers more than 14% of the top 1 million websites on the internet and is widely considered to be the most popular CMS around. Powered by a dedicated community of developers and users that grows by the day, WordPress continues to push the envelope of what is possible on the web.

Why We Use WordPress?

All of our solutions start with what is best for the customer – not our developers or designers – and that is why we use WordPress. Our goal is to deliver a site that not only will solve the needs of our clients but will also allow them to actively participate in and contribute to the success of their project.

How We Can Help With Your WordPress Project

BinaryM offers a wide range of WordPress services. Our ideal project starts at the ground level in working with the client to define everything; from their brand to what objectives they have for their users and developing a design and online presence that accomplishes those goals.

Custom WordPress Themes and Design

Does your site look like countless others because you’re using a theme framework like Genesis or Thesis? Are you launching a new site knowing you are not going to fit into a predefined box? If either of these apply to you, a custom theme is just what the doctor ordered.

With a focus on user experience and original design, our design team starts from scratch with a focus on best practices, usability, security, and future proofing your site.

Custom WordPress Development

Unable to find a plugin for what you’re looking to do? Are you looking to solve problems, streamline daily functions, or engage with your users online? If so, we are here to help.

We offer the ability to build anything you can imagine on WordPress, a platform that you can manage. By using custom post types and taxonomies, we can make populating your content as easy as completing a form and ensuring it looks exactly as you want on your site. It really should be that simple.

WordPress Plugin Development

While the repository on is extensive, people are often unable to find the perfect plugin for their needs. From extending the functionality of an existing plugin to building something from the ground up, BinaryM is ready and able to help.

Not only have we contributed free plugins to the WordPress repository, we have built several custom plugins, ranging from enterprise class to basic functionality for clients.

Migrate Your Site To WordPress

Are you tired of having to pay someone to make basic edits to your website? Is your current CMS so complicated that only a developer could love it? Are you looking for a way to easily deploy content and speak to your audience? If you answered yes to any of these, migrating your site to WordPress is something you should consider. The process is simple and a lot faster than you think.

Ready to get started?