• Custom Shopp & WordPress Website
    Custom Shopp & WordPress Website
  • Customized WordPress/Shopp Backend
    Customized WordPress/Shopp Backend
  • Custom Product Display with Shopp
    Custom Product Display with Shopp
  • Custom Category Banner over Product
    Custom Category Banner over Product


  • Custom Development
  • Custom Plugins
  • eCommerce
  • Theme Creation


Launched: September 2011

The Client

Founded in 2007, KNYEW (pronounced “new) is a Las Vegas boutique clothing store specializing in streetwear. KNYEW was seeking a site overhaul, and had a large amount of content. They needed a company who could confidently handle their requirements, especially considering the scope of the project.

The Project

We began their website construction with a new design by our team, and collaborated with KNYEW every step of the way to come to a final look and feel for the site. They were very interested in the process and knowledgeable about the technical details and they knew what they wanted.

Some of the services we provided were creating a heavily customized Shopp installation for their specific needs as well as customized banners running a mashup of Pods and jQuery. The media section is powered by a custom post type, and tackled the enormous task of migrating five years of blog posts from Blogspot. The initial launch size of the finished product was nearly four gigs, and the final product enabled KNYEW to update and maintain the site easily on their own.