Core Values

We believe that technology is an investment in your business.

New technologies enable you to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend your time and energy figuring out technology. You have better things to do.  Our clients stay with us because we become their trusted partners. We understand technology, so you don’t have to.  Whatever industry you are in, BinaryM can help you navigate the process of integrating the right technology solution, at the right time. That’s the one that works for you and for your clients.

We believe that you should always design with a purpose.

Design is both a verb and a noun, and BinaryM approaches it from both perspectives. This is where aesthetics meets form and function – it’s the art and science of marketing.  We’ll work with you to discover the best approach – always keeping your end-user at the center of the online experience. With a full design studio we can deliver any web project. Our philosophy is that we deliver what is necessary to project your brand and enhance your user experience, not a lot of extraneous stuff.

We believe in programming with logic.

Once we nail down your specifications, BinaryM has the programming resources to execute the project quickly and efficiently. We look at the entire problem, then we create a solution that’s friendly and easy to use.  We don’t believe in technology for its own sake. When you break it down, everything in technology is reduced to simple binary code: a series of 1s and 0s organized in basic logic. Our goal in every project is to find the elegant beauty in simple logic, and manifest that simplicity in your finished project.  Whatever tools and resources you need, we’ll implement them in a way that gets positive results for you – with clean and simple logic.

We believe the best way to be heard is to project your voice.

Nothing is more critical than your brand equity, whether you’re a startup or a well established business. At BinaryM, we strive to produce the highest return on every marketing campaign. We start every project with an intense focus on discovering everything from consumer identity and marketplace competition to analytics and lead conversion.  No project is too large, and no detail is too small. Everything counts and every campaign is treated with the highest level of care and attention.