BinaryM CMS Pack – WordPress Plugin

This post is mostly for internal documentation of our CMS plugin. If you’re interested in any of the functionality, comment and we may make it public.


[ links ]

Uses wp_list_bookmarks to display links using a shortcode, helpful for “resource” sections of sites.  Displayed in a list format with the class of links.

  1. limit -1
  2. category
  3. exclude_category
  4. category_name
  5. orderby rating
  6. order DESC
  7. show_description 0

[ childpages ]

Uses get_pages to fetch children of current page, useful when you have a container page with no real content. It outputs a div with class of childpage and h3 & p tags for the title & excerpt.

  1. readmore more

[ postsby ]

Uses WP_Query to retrieve a specific set of posts from the database. Outputs a div with class of post and h3 & post content.

  1. showposts 5
  2. category_name
  3. cat
  4. tag
  5. post_type post
  6. taxonomy
  7. term

[ iframe ]

Makes adding iframe’d content easy, outputs an iframe with class binaryIframe. Add another class using the class attribute

  1. src
  2. width
  3. height
  4. class

[ files ]

Uses get_children to display files that are attached to a page. Outputs CSS classes based on the mime_type.

  1. post_mime_type
  2. numberposts -1


Includes code from the excellent plugin Page Excerpt and Johnathon Williams code to move attachements between pages.


  1. 01/12/12 Added custom post type support to childNav
  2. 05/25/11 Added files shortcode
  3. 05/23/11 Added more options to iframe shortcode
  4. 05/04/11 Added ability to move attachements between pages
  5. 03/28/11 Fixed orderby for links
  6. 03/01/11 Updated page excerpt code for 3.1
  7. 02/10/11 Added custom post type support to postsby shortcode
  8. 01/13/11 Initial documenation

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