BinaryM CMS Pack – WordPress Plugin

January 3, 2011 BinaryM, Code, WordPress Matt McInvale

This post is mostly for internal documentation of our CMS plugin. If you’re interested in any of the functionality, comment and we may make it public.


Stennett and Casino – San Diego ERISA Attorneys

August 24, 2010 Projects, WordPress Chris Daley

Stennett and Casino is a San Diego law firm that specializes in ERISA and insurance claims. Jack Stennett and Barbara Casino were referred to us by their IT firm Bl3ndLabs to update the design of their site and migrate to a CMS that would allow for easier content management on their end. The new Stennett and Casino site


San Diego ICAC Task Force

July 20, 2010 Projects, WordPress Chris Daley

A couple of weeks ago, the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children (SDICAC) Task Force contacted us for some help with their website. Their biggest challenge, and one that is all-too-common, was the inability to manage the day to day upkeep of their site.


Eurus Energy America Corporation

December 17, 2009 Projects, WordPress Matt McInvale

Eurus Energy’s new site is built on WordPress with some jQuery tossed in for fun. The site is a good example of extending WordPress’s CMS capabilities.


Sequoia Solar: Using WordPress as a Custom CMS

July 2, 2009 Projects, WordPress Matt McInvale

Most of the site’s functionality is handled without any trouble by a default Wordpress install. Since that isn’t very fun to write (or read) about, here are two sections that go beyond that.