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Extending the jQuery Easy Accordion Plugin: Add looping option

December 5, 2011 Code Matt McInvale

We found the jQuery Easy Accordion plugin to be very useful while creating the new homepage for INDATA. We ran into a small issue when we needed the accordion to stop after a single cycle, by default the plugin does not support this, so we modified the plugin to include this new option.


Pagination for Pages

November 12, 2011 Code, WordPress Matt McInvale

Download Pagination for Pages at Pagination for Pages is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create pagination style navigation elements for pages (or any other custom post type). It uses a numerical based system along with next & back navigation elements. The plugin includes a single function, pagination_for_pages(), that accepts a single parameter, […]


Add availability, manufacturer part number and Google Analytics tracking to Shopp product feed

October 13, 2011 Code Matt McInvale

Google has been changing what they require in data feeds for Google Base recently. They have several posts about the new requirements on their Google Merchant Blog. These new data fields will make the stock Shopp data feed incompatible with Google Base, bummer.


Shortcodes with Shopp category description

May 25, 2011 Code Matt McInvale

Zombie Industries needed to display a video of their exploding/bleeding zombie targets on their category pages with Shopp. Unfortunately, Shopp wasn’t processing the shortcode as I expected. Here is a quick fix to get shortcodes to work with Shopp category descriptions.


Shopp & JavaScript validation workaround

January 7, 2011 Code Matt McInvale

Shopp 1.1.5 was recently released with a lovely bug that makes the payment module fail. This particular bug effects JavaScript validation of the credit card field.


BinaryM CMS Pack – WordPress Plugin

January 3, 2011 BinaryM, Code, WordPress Matt McInvale

This post is mostly for internal documentation of our CMS plugin. If you’re interested in any of the functionality, comment and we may make it public.


Hacking Platinum SEO Pack to include parent category names

December 10, 2010 Code Matt McInvale

Platinum SEO Pack is one of our favorite WordPress plugins, we install it on almost all of our sites. While working on improving RMD Motor’s title tags, we wanted to include parent category names in page titles, Platinum SEO Pack does not support this out of the box. I wrote a quick hack to include them.


WordPress Head Cleanup – WordPress Plugin

November 15, 2010 Code, WordPress Matt McInvale

We like keeping the head area free from unnecessary tags on all our client sites. This normally involves including a couple of lines in each site’s functions.php. Sometimes, new WordPress versions introduce new tags that we have to manually remove from each site. This isn’t fun.


BinaryMobiah invades Disrupt Hackathon

October 4, 2010 Code Matt McInvale

A list minute invite from Mobiah morphed into an overnight adventure at the Disrupt Hackathon with Luke & Matt Pilon.


Shopp bug fix, $NaN.undefined in select box

September 21, 2010 Code Matt McInvale

Just ran into another bug with Shopp while working on a new site. Couldn’t find any information in the Shopp forums, so once again I had to figure out what was going on myself.